Electric Power Steering kit for 510 Datsun 1967-1973 a10 conversion

Electric Power Steering kit for 510 Datsun 1967-1973 a10 conversion

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Electric Power Steering kit for 510 Datsun 1967-1973 a10 conversion

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Electric Power Steering kit for 510 Datsun 1967-1973 a10


Electric power steering is the newest steering technology available. Electric power steering is superior to hydraulic because it has no power steering fluid, no leaky power steering hoses, no dry power steering pump, and no rack and Pinion. The result is more reliable, with fewer parts to break or replace.


We designed a brand new custom-made steering column with the same dimensions as the stock steering column off a datsun 510. We integrated an electric motor to assist the driver. The steering column consists entirely of brand-new parts: new bearings, new steering shaft, new steering tube, with all new threads and splines. It connects to your stock steering wheel, blinker, and other controls. The EPS column bolts directly to the firewall in the stock location. It will also mount to the dashboard in the original location. The unit bolts onto your steering box in the engine bay(see picture).

Electric power steering is more quiet and smooth. The steering response is Instant and as powerful as any hydraulic power steering system. Our system has an ECU computer that controls the electric motor. It tells the motor to assist more at lower speeds, and less at higher ones. The system has a speed sensor that senses your speed and constantly adjusts the amount of steering assistance.

We have 2 speed sensor options:

1. If your using stock motor/ trans you need to get the GPS speed sensor.

2. If you have an aftermarket engine/ ECU with an electronic speed signal, just connect your speed signal wire to the EPS system yellow wire.


 Installation is easy, and only takes 2--3 hours! The result leaves plenty of leg room; the motor does not get in the way.


We have put this electronic power steering system to the ultimate test. It is currently installed in our friend Keegan 510 equipped with a SR-20 motor and trans. He uses the car for autocross and track days and also daily drives it. 

Installation - Connect only 5 wires

Yellow - Speed sensor (1. use our supplied GPS speed sensor. 2. For people with an engine swap, you will need to tap the yellow wire into your transmissions speed sensor wire. This wire pulses positive as the car moves faster. )
Red - directly to battery positive.
Black - ground, negative battery
Blue - engine RPM
White - ACC ignition switched power
If using the supplied speed sensor be sure to wrap the metal shaft with Teflon tape to make a very tight fit. This prevents speedo from jumping. We have just released our new improved speed sensor. This sensor work off GPS, you do not need to connect it to the back of the stock speedometer! Just mount it on the dashboard, run power, and run the signal wire to our yellow wire on the wire harness. If you are using a non-OEM transmission with a speed sensor then you do not need this GPS sensor. 
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motor is 220W, rated voltage is 12V, rated current is 30A
Note: This steering column is designed to work on stock Datsun 510 with steering box. If you're not using a stock steering box you can modify this kit to connect to your setup. It has been done. 
Is this compatible with JB cross-member and steering system?
I have a gen2 JB cross member that uses the mk1 MR2 rack. The Gen 3 is similar. 
 Modifications required to make them work together:
I modified the length of the intermediate shaft (column bottom ujoint to rack ujoint) to be correct, then welded it into the column bottom ujoint. 

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