Stage 4 front brake kit installation instructions

Take these instructions to your mechanic. Do not try to install a brake system unless you are mechanically inclined. Silver Mine Motors is not responsible for any part failures due to miss installed brake upgrades.  

  1. Loosen lug nuts & jack up car
  2. Remove your rim/wheel.
  3. Remove brake line from caliper then remove caliper.
  4. Remove your hub dust cap and then the cotter pin. Loosen & remove the big castellated nut holding the hub.
  5. Once off the car, unbolt your rotor from the hub. It might look like it is one piece but it’s not, just use force [a hammer on the rotor works great-use a 2×4 to protect the old rotor if you want to].
  6. Now is time to either repack or install new wheel bearings and rear dust seal
  7. Put your new spacer where the old rotor used to sit.
  8. Then put your new rotor on top of the spacer, be sure to line all the holes up.
  9. Use your new bolts to tighten your new rotor and spacer to the hub. (be sure to use your old washers and ensure the spacer and rotor is in the center of the hub!).
  10. Install assembled hub on the car, tighten the big nut [not too tight], and install new cotter pin.
  11. Connect your new brake line to your new caliper. (make sure the caliper is going on the right side it was meant to go on.  If you’re doing the right side the caliper you’re putting on should have the letter “r” on it. “R” stands for right side). NOTE: you will have to trim your dust shield in order to make room for the larger caliper.
  12. Put your new pads in your new calipers.
  13. Now take your original brake line and disconnect it from the metal brake line.
  14. Connect your new brake line (which should have the caliper already connected to it) to your cars metal brake line. Make sure the brake lines will not rub on any suspension parts through the suspensions full travel range.
  15. Install your new caliper to the place where your old caliper was.
  16. Bleed your brakes [start with the rears as your fluid is probably old]
  17. Brief slow drive to check brakes then test drive and next step
  18. Bed in the pads [3 moderate pedal stops from 35mph, then 3 moderate pedal stops from 60, park & allow pads/rotors to cool 2-3 hours]
  19. Go & stop fast with your new brakes!